So @body_drift asked me what my fave SF was after I tweeted about how bullshit reading goals were. It got too long for tweets so here's some thoughts on my reading this last year, as I work on yearnotes.

Of what I read this year, ancillary mercy has to top the list(technically I read it 2015, but the rest of the trilogy this year. So I'm counting it. If not, the Annihilation score actually got me into the laundry files so that was a difficult task.)

I enjoyed strosses the nightmare stacks(and am looking forwards to the new merchant princes). Accelerando remains his best work IMHO.

Grossmans the magicians trillogy were excellent bait for my conceited brain, though lacking severely on the politics front.

I really enjoyed a couple of the star wars companion novels(ahsoka especially, though it requires watching a lot of other material to work- it basically functions as fanfiction).

I re-read a lot of gibson(bigend trilogy, of which zero history is my favorite book, and the peripheral was scary as always.)

I also re-read a lot of westerfeld(uglies is where my handle is from, specials is probably the best of his work, and afterworlds has queer writer women in new york kissing romantically on rooftops and eating noodles, though is let down by a weird narrative device).

My best nonfiction this year was malms Fossil capital, followed by seperate and dominate, christine delphy, and finally getting to sit down with federichis caliban and the witch was great for me and my work.

The best fanfiction I read was probably "And None Of It Seems To Matter" by kablob and mylordshesacactus, and I'd heartily recommend anything by them. The work of narceus comes in a close seccond, but I can't pick a single story of theirs. "Build a Brave New Foundry Close To Home" by them is probably close, and they also have some excellent ace porny stuff

On that subject, the best straight up porn I read was christine gretas "bending". Content notes for everything on that.