You comment briefly on your reactions to some of the radical-feminist works I cited in my first footnote. I am myself critical of some of them even as I found them vitally useful.
Rich, Adrienne. (1980). “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence”


"the work of such women[lesbians, broadly defined], whether merely the daily work of individual or collective survival and resistance or the work of the writer, the activist, the reformer, the anthropologist, or the artist-the work of selfcreation-is undervalued."
Rich, Adrienne. (1980). “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence”


Hot Allostatic Load – The New Inquiry


First aid
Bike tool
USB battery
usb cable
Deed poll
Hard drive with everything on it, ever.
Train tickets, tracing a history


this infinite black dot of compressed shit and horror.

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None of us can. We just look at this stuff, we look wider and deeper, and then just deeper and fucking deeper, and all we can see is everything getting smaller and darker until it's this infinite black dot of compressed shit and horror. And we get paid for that. That's the amazing thing. We get paid to stare down the black silo of the future and gaze at the pebble at the bottom that's nothing but the crushed remains of the species. That's where we all end up. That's all we do.

Normal(pt 2) warren ellis. 

It's meant to be about futurism but it's feeling pretty relevent to my activist mates right now. 


I’m hunting(academic) conferences to pitch on some/one of feminist labour(emotional, domestic), power, visibility, methodologies and activist practices wrt design/academia, if you see anything in my area shout? and/or if you're running one, HMU, I'm good at talking.


Notes on speculative proccess, 2016

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Designing for wicked problems is hard. Goldsmiths has a few people attacking the problem of how to design around them(I've had a shot), but ironically, finding a way to solve wicked problems is isomorphic to solving wicked problems. Here's some snippets from a conversation with Elis. I don't know if these are correct, but they're thoughts I had.

I proposed looping, Using speculative proccesses to understand the problem then traditional tools to act on it.

Are speculative tools, then, a map? no, speculative tools make no pretense to being accurate, they are a horror scope, a tarrot deck- a way to understand our actions and a guide, but making no attempt to pin down the complexities temporal changes of the problem.

Maps aren't working on these problems, this is not rationalism.

Speculative design is an inverse xenofeminism, a tool for understanding chaotic movements. C.F. Poetry, music. 

The literal minded make bad poets. 

Speculative design has a relationship with traditional design as feminist(and broadly liberationary) science fiction(butler, leguin, et al) has to activism. Not make ing a pretense at being a map, a scale model of the complex struggles we undergo, but a lens through which to see it. 


Speculative everything(ok, hate-reading)
Leguin(always coming home, specifically)
Octavia Butler(any, all)
Infectious Futures, nesta, 2016
trans women slime girl culture
The hundreds of chats I've had about scifi and activism, notably in brag 2013(sorry, you can't be there. Consider them citations :p )




Resident Dysphoria

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(this was first posted at twine_craeft, a residency in ollon, switzerland that I helped organise. despite the contents of this post, it's actually amazing)

Cis women are fucking weird. 

Like, seriously, they don't behave like real women at all. 

no-one wakes up a dysphoric mess, so no-one ever complements someone elses boobs. Or butt. Or even face. What the hell? where's the homosociality here?

For that matter, where's the homosexuality? Desire is verboten, mentions of sexuality elicit awkuard laughs. I'm not even sure any of them are gay. That's no problem, because all trans women are gay, it's just facts(ok, some of us are gay with androsexual tendancies).

TBH, both of these are pretty much fine. We have digital support networks which do the friendship job(and encourage homosexuality), and, welllll, sometimes you get nice selfies in your dms. those are nice. 

Domestic labour is a cornerstone of our work here, and it's becoming(at least for me, interestingly perofmative. Of cource, all communal living involves performative domestic labour- "I did the dishes you do the floor"- but this intersects with transmisoginy(or, internalised transmisoginy) and the narrative of messy men(lol I know so many messy cis women. Like three of them. Which is all of my cis women friends). You find yourself watching counting and when you're not doing domestic labour when other people are you perform willingness. eh, I like to cook, it's all fine(it's not fine at all I'm panicing to fuck). 

Also apparently not all of cis women are suicidal and require constant mutual support. shucks. 

and yeah, I guess It's pretty fucking triggering being in a space with people who society is constantly telling you you should be like. 


"The day without web was five years ago.
Since then, every night we've had an hour of downtime for maintenance.
The witching hour."

It needs some work, but i still really like this .